10712773_736363149769097_4338324975064983994_nAn award-winning Italian filmmaker, Emanuele has produced narrative films, documentaries, music videos, and video art projects. With a focus on social issues such as mental illness, discrimination, gender equality, and minorities, his stories are mostly about loneliness and alienation in modern times, often featuring characters who are rejected by society and face internal struggles. In most of his films, dialogue is minimal in order to highlight the characters’ isolation and focus on their behavior.

His films have been screened at festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, Turin Film festival, and the Academy Award Qualifying Urbanworld Film Festival.

Born and raised in Rome, Italy, he currently resides in New York City.



Communicating feelings and stories, using creative images, is something that I feel I need to do. I have always been interested in real life stories in which the characters are not able to pursue their happiness. They are depicted as people who are rejected by modern society and have internal struggles. In most of my films, dialogue is pared to the bone, if not inexistent, in order to highlight characters’ isolation and focus on their behavior.

An early passion for Italian Neorealism, French Nouvelle Vague, and experimental video art made by Bill Viola, influenced my approach to the storytelling. It lead me to develop a personal aesthetic that evolved into a mixture of: lyrical images, to show the world inside the characters; realistic images, to capture the complexity of real life.