February 28, 2015 emanuelemichetti

That’s a Wrap!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart Dana Riveccio for making my crazy ideas happen, finding money, sponsors, and covering several crucial roles during pre-production and on set.
Thanks Koshi Kiyokawa, one of the greatest DP in the world, a skilled, creative, and passionate hard worker who shot every single scene like it was the most important one.
Thanks Giorgia Bono sfx make up artist who was always available to help the crew, especially when she was not supposed to do it.
Thanks Jonathan Jeng very nice, skilled, professional and humble…
Thanks to all our amazing talented lead actors Fabian Bolin Kaitlin Magowan Emily Seymour, the guest stars Brandon DeSpain (happy birthday!) and Marcus Naylor, and the lovely Emily Dennis

Thanks all the cast and crew: actors Debbie Eynon Finley, Miia Ashley, Leyla Margareta Jafarian, Jazmine Casiano, Matthew Dane. Crew members: Danielle Goulbourne David Muss, Deukyun Hwang, Joseph W. Colomban, Julie Sullivan, Chan Marshall…

Thanks Rocky for being such a great listener and a patient dog (it was freezing cold) and thanks to you mom Audrey Flores and dad Steven Behnke

Thanks Andy Frobig for his help and his patience.

Thanks to our sponsors Fair Weather Bushwick, Cypress Inn, Lovehoney, TimesLedger Newspapers, Marchburn Design, MfaMedia Arts, The City College of New York

I probably forgot a lot of people. I apologize. I am really exhausted.
Thanks everybody who helped making this dream come true!
Emanuele Michetti


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